Some may say that the rules are "wack!"

I have to agree in some situations.

Some of the clothing rules are a little to far such as the no holes in your pants and that your shirt can't be longer then your wrists.

Also another one is taking away hair coloring...

All this is taking away the uniqueness of the students.

Also I think the they made the no phones rule a little over the top.

We should be able to use it during lunch and in between classes like we use to.


Sweeps should not occur at school. It is simply taking away the learning time for the students. Some students can't get to their class in time because of bathroom emergencies or teachers keeping the students in longer.

Sweeps is not allowing the students to learn so it has no purpose in this school.

It is taking away the education of the students and takes away the experience of what the student could be learning in the class during that time.

--~Liz~ 16:41, 19 August 2009 (UTC)

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