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Mr. Yard
Classes: AP English
English 1-2
Education Professions
Extracurriculars: NHS
College: ASU-West
Masters: ASU-West
IHS Teacher Since: 1994
Hometown: Glendale


Mr. Yard's Class Schedule
Period Class Room
1st Education Professions B18
2nd AP English B18
3rd AP English B18
4th Prep B18
5th Lunch
6th English 1-2 B18
7th English 1-2 B18


Mr. Yard's Classroom Forum


I came to Independence High School directly out of college, way back in 1994. It was only my second interview, and I was thrilled to get That Phone Call from then-principal Mr. Gardner offering me the job. In my time here I've taught, in order, English 1-2, English 3-4, Communication Arts 1-4, Accelerated English 1-2, English 7-8, Aspire To Teach, AP English, Education Professions, and Advanced Education Professions. I have coached Tennis, Speech, Debate, Student Congress, Chess, Scholastic Bowl, and Academic Decathlon. I currently sponsor the National Honors Society and FEA organizations, and plan to stay at IHS for a long, long time.

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