Elements of Effective Instruction

A webquest for Education Professions' students.

Designed by: Jasmine Krogulski

Dog teacher

Objective/ introduction


The student will summarize their knowledge of Madeline Hunter and her importance to the educational world and will create a lesson plan of their own.

Lesson/ Task

Research some of these sites to gather information about Madeline Hunter and her lesson plan model...

step by step lesson plan

Lesson plan with definitions

10 step lesson plan - includes adaptation and connection steps which are not usually used in Madeline Hunter's lesson plan.

8 step lesson plan

The Breakdown/ Process

Step by step lesson planning:

1) Objectives: What the student will learn and what they'll be able to do at the end of the lesson. Examples can be found at this site

2) Standards: Expectations of the students. This section also contains the materials needed to complete the lesson. Examples can be found here

3) Anticipatory Set: A small activity to get the student excited about the upcoming lesson. Examples can be found at the following site... 

4) Instruction: The modeling, input and checking for understanding. Examples can be found here

5) Guided Practice: A group example or Q and A session where all of the students participate, and the teacher monitors the     class to check for understanding of the topic at hand. Examples can be found here

6) Closure: A statement that makes sense of the guided practice activity and the rest of the information that was just taught to the students. Look here for examples

7) Independent Practice: A question or a problem for the students to answer that, ideally, relates to the real- world. Examples can be found here

8) Assesment: An ending test that checks the student's ending knowledge of the subject after the lesson. Examples can be found at the following site


This is a link to a Hunter’s Missing Link Power Point by Kerri Brodersen. In the slides, it asks you to develop a closure for a given lesson plan, instead, write a lesson plan on any subject and include an appropriate closure. This lesson plan should include ALL eight parts of Madeline Hunter's 8-part lesson plan!


1- Excellent 2- Average 3- Needs Improvement
Gives a complete lesson plan with ALL 8 parts Gives a lesson plan missing one or two parts Provides an incomplete lesson plan (Fewer than 6 parts)
Has accurate information with few errors, if any at all, concerning the parts of the lesson plan. (i.e places information correctly in the 8 parts of the lesson plan) Has few errors concerning the lesson plan as a whole. (i.e puts information in correct parts of the lesson plan with minimal mistakes) Many errors in the lesson plan as a whole (i.e misplaces the information in the lesson plan)
Can tell why Madeline Hunter was such a huge contributer to the educational field. Can give some reason for Hunter's success in the educational field. Cannot tell why Hunter was so imortant.


In conclusion, the student should create an acceptable lesson plan with all 8 parts and as few of errors as possible. The lesson plan can be about any topic as long as it correctly shows all 8 parts filled out in the correct manner. The student will, also, describe Madeline Hunter and her importance in the educaional field. Include what she has done and how that has changed the world of education and the lives of the teachers, i.e. has it made teachers lives harder or easier and why.