Spanish Club Edit

Current events Edit

At the moment we're just regrouping over the break.

We had our first meeting on Tuesday, August 18th; we're planning our next one for September 8

**IMPORTANT** You do NOT have to speak Spanish to be apart of Spanish Club!!!!!

We are a community service based club. This means that we will be meeting fairly often and going to different places, including the Velma Teague Library hopefully, to help out with different community projects that could use a bit more help.

In the past we have visited Maggie's Place, a house for pregnant women and women who have children under 6months of age that have no where else to go, and cooked and cleaned for them. This year we are planning on taking a more fun approach towards our community service projects and are hoping to make it to the Velma Teagure Library to read to the children in October and November.