Sponsor: Mrs.Kleissle
President: Natalie Davis
Vice President: Alison Era
Secretary: Chelsea Goff
Treasurer: Aubrey House
Purpose: AP Club is a study group that gives help to students when they need it.
Meeting Schedule: Club meetings every other Monday 2:45pm-3:45pm/Study group every Wednesday 2:45pm-3:45pm

Current ActivitiesEdit

The members of the AP Club are currently trying to change their name from the AP Club to the IHS Study Corner.


Mrs.Kleissle is the sponsor of this club which started two years ago. In the past years the AP Club has done things such as fundraising. They are looking forward to doing that again this year.


The AP Club is dedicated to helping out all students. Membership is not required to get help. Anyone is welcome to come and get help when it is needed. However, the AP Club is still open for anyone who wants to join.

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